All N’ 1 Medical Supplies & Treasures provides medical/dental supplies, furniture, transportation, staffing, cleaning, laboratory supplies/equipment, equipment, linen, disposable apparel/products and the unique designed Evie Adaptive Clothing for individuals with physical disabilities.  

Our management team has more than 80 years of experience in the medical supplies/dental safety, cleaning, staffing services.   We understand that difficult economic times create great challenges; however, we strive to manage cost, quality prompt delivery to contribute value added and product and services. We have the capability manufacture our scrubs, robes, patient gowns, pajamas, adaptive clothing in the USA at competitive cost

Evie’s Adaptive Clothing is stylish, fashionable, multifaceted and versatile with desired access for dressing and undressing. Evie’s Adaptive apparel is ideal for individuals with temporary or permanent physical challenges such as strokes, arthritis, paralysis, diabetes, Alzheimer, incontinence, lymphadema, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, surgery, or broken leg or arm to name a few physical challenges. Would you believe nursing mothers have found most of these clothing for the disabled to be great apparel for them.

The concept and design of Evie’s Adaptive Clothing for unisex, female or male use was born out of a personal need and experiences the designer (Evie) had while caring for her grandmother who suffered a stroke. Evie’s experienced an even greater need for “Adaptive Clothing” while caring for her mother who suffered strokes, colon cancer, quadruple heart surgery and dialysis treatment, and the help to care of her father who was rendered immobile by lung cancer. Evie became her own “test lab” by wearing her adaptive clothing during her treatment and a recovery of breast and colon cancer

We look forward to being your partner by helping you meet your need with All N’ 1 Medical Supplies & Treasures and unique design of Evie’s Adaptive Clothing. Wearing Evie’s Adaptive Clothing helps to maintain the individual’s dignity, self-esteem, and positive healing spirit.

Our priority MOTTO is Integrity, Quality Products and Superior Value.  

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